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NATE Qcircle


NATE HVAC Quality Circle Contractors are the elite group of NATE contractors. A NATE Quality Circle Contractor has at least 80 percent of their total technicians NATE-certified with at least one NATE-certified technician in each area of installation and/or service that the contractor performs work in.

From a business standpoint contractors who reach the level of the Quality Circle achieve several key objectives. First, this high level of certification means they’re ensuring that their technicians are capable of providing the highest-quality service to their customers; and second, they position their businesses to adjust their price structure accordingly to reflect this ultimate level of knowledge and service.

Pursuing Excellence with NATE  

What do you do if you’re a homeowner with a heating or cooling equipment problem but you don’t know a reliable, knowledgeable technicians? Do you just pick someone randomly out of the phone book or ask a friend who may not know more than you do? How do you know if the technician you pick really knows what they’re doing?

A national certification test exists to assure you that technicians you hire have the skills to do the job right. It’s called NATE (North American Technician Excellence). Nate offers these voluntary tests to technicians in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. The independent, not-for-profit organization is supported by an unprecedented combination of technicians, contractors, manufacturers, distributors utilities and heating and cooling educators.

Hawn is pleased to share with you that many of our installers, technicians and salespersons are NATE Certified. This investment by us in time and energy is our assurance to you that when you hire us, you are receiving the highest level heating and cooling technical expertise available today.

What is Nate?

NATE (North American Technician Excellence) represents a unified standard of training excellence in the heating and cooling installation and service industry. Now with NATE, the industry has succeeded in combining a variety of technical skills and knowledge into a standard testing program that represents the entire industry.


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How Difficult is it to be a NATE Certified Technician?

Very difficult, to be quite honest. Testing is tedious yet expansive. Candidates prepare for the tests by direct experience in the field, so it is true competency being assessed, not just one’s ability to absorb reams of book knowledge.

Why are Hawn Technicians NATE Certified or strongly encouraged to become certified?

Because Hawn believes in maintaining and providing the highest quality service in the industry. Hawn takes this certification very seriously, for it is a very good way of communicating to you, our customers our strong dedication to consistent excellence. There are several technicians at Hawn who hold NATE certification, and several others are presently preparing through a dynamic mentoring environment that exists within our company.

How does NATE certification benefit you, our customers?

Our philosophy is simple - the more thoroughly trained and proficient we are at what we do the better we are able to serve you. NATE certification means that our technicians are the best at what they do. That saves you time and energy through our superior troubleshooting and installation skills.
Now here is a question only you can answer.

Without NATE, Do you really know what you are getting?


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