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Why Choose Hawn?

Here is a selection of letters we've received from some of our customers, describing their experience working with us.  Please also see our Customer Testimonial page for additional comments by our customers.


I wanted to thank you again for the thorough and authentic energy audit.  The exercise confirmed my suspicions that a disproportionate amount of air was leaking from my house—resulting in impossible energy bills.  Your tests identified all the areas of weakness.  The subsequent report provided a clear plan for addressing these deficiencies.  The plan took into account the age of the home, realistic outcomes and my budget.  The Hawn plan was tailored just to my home—not a blanket one-size-fits-all. There wasn't any "over selling" and absolutely no pressure.  I have had friends go through audits with other companies and found it a total waste of time.  The fact that New York State pays for the audit too make this a win-win opportunity!

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My experience with Hawn began in 1980.  I was 28 years old and had just purchased a house, it was not just any house, it was a shell of a house.  Located in Rochester in the Corn Hill neighborhood it was built in the 1870’s and by the 1960’s the house had become divided into 5 small units each with its own utilities, furnace, and water heaters in the dirt floor basement.  Serious damage to the building occurred in 1972 when the building suffered a fire that left a void from the rafters through the kitchen area and into the basement. The house was boarded up and left vacant for 8 years.  I, sort of confident in my abilities and full of youthful wisdom, said “No problem.”

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I purchased Elmer's Garage in Brighton in 1965. The former owner, Elmer De Hollander, had done business with Al's father for over thirty-five years. That's a lot of years of continued service. While at Elmer's, real estate opportunities became available. I was able to purchase the professional building next to the garage, the Apothecary, Brighton Collision and Hollywood Service. All of these buildings needed new heating and cooling systems.

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