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Why Choose Hawn?

I wanted to thank you again for the thorough and authentic energy audit.  The exercise confirmed my suspicions that a disproportionate amount of air was leaking from my house—resulting in impossible energy bills.  Your tests identified all the areas of weakness.  The subsequent report provided a clear plan for addressing these deficiencies.  The plan took into account the age of the home, realistic outcomes and my budget.  The Hawn plan was tailored just to my home—not a blanket one-size-fits-all. There wasn't any "over selling" and absolutely no pressure.  I have had friends go through audits with other companies and found it a total waste of time.  The fact that New York State pays for the audit too make this a win-win opportunity!

I was very pleased with the reasonable estimate and the prompt scheduling for the work.  I was given very specific preparation instructions and you took the time to preview my home to ensure that everything was set for the job.  I was comfortable with your management of the project and was not required to take time off work.

The work was done beautifully and thoroughly.  My plan included solid foam, aerosol foam and blown insulation.  The work was challenging due to the need to gain access to underground crawl spaces and unexpected areas under the roof where a ceiling had surprisingly been removed.  Even with the additional complications, my costs were not increased.  I also chose to  have glass block windows to further reduce drafts, improve security and home value.

The follow-up was beyond exceptional.  My house was retested and the air leakage had dramatically decreased.  You also checked that all of the specialist work was completed to my satisfaction.

The Results
Due to the fact that my house had sat empty for a year before I moved in and an unusually warm winter, it would be hard to give an exact quantitative comparable in terms of energy savings.  My house was built in 1949 – a Cape Cod style with a little over 1500 square feet.  My winter energy bills have not been higher than $175 per month and I am anticipating my air-conditioning bills to be reduced as the cool air will not escape as readily as it did prior to the project.  My neighbors, who have an identical house, pay considerably more and have uncomfortable drafts in the winter and stifling heat in the summer.

I can provide a very strong qualitative improvement.  My home only had a little insulation which comprised of an older style composition.  No matter what temperature the furnace was set, the house was cold.  If I set the thermostat at 100F, outside the house would be warmer.  If I opened a cupboard, I'd freeze.  After the insulation work, my house is snug and comfortable.  I open cupboards without any temperature effect.  It is lovely.  And I have had many guests remark similarly.

I am VERY satisfied with the outcome.  It was also nice to get a rebate from New York State and write off a portion of the costs on my tax return!  I would recommend this program, actually I would urge people to take advantage of an energy audit with Hawn, and find out how they can save a lot of money and live more comfortably in their home.  I know that you cared that the results of the work made a significant improvement and that I was delighted.

Lisa Martin

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