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CO alarm

Carbon monoxide (CO) is the most commonly encountered poison in your home. Dangers can result from faulty operation or ventilation of fireplaces, a car running in the garage, ranges, grills, dryers and other gas appliances. Making matters worse, many people confuse carbon monoxide poisoning with symptoms of the flu and fail to get the assistance they need.

You probably knew that carbon monoxide is a silent killer in the home. You may even have a CO alarm plugged into an outlet in a corner somewhere. But you probably don’t know that all CO alarms have a limited life, and your detector might have stopped working to protect you.


Informs you of its needs

The new Carbon Monoxide Alarms actually informs you when it’s working, when it needs a new battery and – most importantly – when it needs to be replaced. It also comes with the most advanced electrochemical sensor on the market, meets new UL® standards and offers a five-year warranty.

Our CO Alarm complements the peace-of-mind and healthy air brought by our Air Cleaners and UV Germicidal Lamps.

Your Indoor Air Expert

The Carrier CO Alarm available at Hawn is only available from a qualified Carrier dealer, because there’s more to installing a CO alarm than plugging it in. The correct height and locations on every level of your home are essential to your safety.

If you'd like more information, professional advice or are interested in having one installed, please just give us a call.

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