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Unico Mini Duct Heating & Cooling

Heat and Cool Virtually Any Space 

unicolgUnico System, the mini-duct central heating and air-conditioning system manufactured by Unico, Inc. has been installed in approximately 100,000 homes and businesses across North America and abroad, and has also been featured on several episodes of PBS' This Old House and Hometime home improvement programs.

Unico System's modular air handlers and coils can be installed in ceilings, floors, crawlspaces and closets and its flexible 2" supply tubing can be routed through existing ceiling, floor and wall cavities eliminating the need for unsightly metal ductwork.

Unico System fits where conventional systems can't and preserves the architectural integrity of any structure. Unico System is quiet, draft-free and removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional systems in cooling mode.

unico ceiling ventIn this home ceiling shown at right, The UNICO System  cools the home without interfering with the architecture. The UNICO System is the perfect method for providing older, architecturally unique homes or new, custom-constructed homes with high-end central heating and air conditioning without marring the building’s original aesthetics.



Unico Floor VentAdvantages for Homeowners

Whatever your home’s style, The UNICO System is the perfect fit. A superior central heating and cooling system with its innovative “aspiration” technology, warms and  cools your house very evenly and quietly. Our revolutionary flexible small ducts weave through the smallest spaces—ceilings, walls, even floors—so there is no need for costly, messy renovation.

Custom & New Construction
Flexibility and efficient installation make it a perfect fit for new construction applications as well as custom-built homes.




Unico Round VentHistoric
No matter when your home was built or what  the physical configurations are, you can install The UNICO System for high performance  heating and cooling comfort.

Log Homes
Because so much emphasis on log homes is placed on the aesthetics inherent in the use of the exposed wood, designers, builders, and homeowners are pleased with the system’s flexibility and unobtrusiveness.

Retrofit & Remodeling Crafted to weave through and around existing construction makes it the perfect solution for retrofit applications. LEED® Certified Homes
Well insulated, energy efficient homes need to have proper air circulation within them to provide the necessary indoor air quality that the
occupants need. The Unico System, through its use of aspiration, provides the superior indoor  air quality that residents of LEED Certified  homes require.

Unico Mini-Duct centeral Heating & Air Conditioning homr diagram


UNICO Mini-Duct Heating & Cooling FEATURES:

Unico Mini Duct Systems - small air supply tubesUnique Flexible Small Ducts – Supply tubes are so small and flexible they go around anything and fit almost anywhere. Installations in new homes without any heating and cooling constraints.  Older homes can be modernized without compromising the architecture.

Quiet Operation – UNICO supply tubing is constructed from spun-bound nylon, wrapped in sound-dampering insulation for ultra-quiet operation.

Outdoor Unit – The UNICO System can be paired with single or multi-stage refrigerant based outdoor condensing units, air-to-water heat pumps, geothermal heat pump systems, or chilled water units.  The system can provide heat via heat pump coils, hot water coils, or the UNICO supplemental furnace.  UNICO is also a perfect compliment to radiant heating.

Unico Round Outlet stylesFit Anywhere Air Handlers – Compact, modular coils and blowers fit into existing cavities and eliminate the need for space-eating mechanical areas.  The UNICO System air handlers can be installed horizontally or verticallyfor maximum flexibility.

Subtle, Blend-In Outlets – No big, ugly metal vents.  Our outlets are round or slotted, and with dozens of standard finishes — they will fit any decor.  Install in ceiling, floors or sidewalls.

Smaller Main Air Plenum – At typical 10" and 7" sizes, UNICO main air plenums are 66% smaller than conventional supply trunks.  UNICO fits 12 nominal tons in the same built space that a 3 nominal ton conventional system requires.  UNICO not only provides greater comfort, but more available built space for the end user.

Unico slot ventsDesign Flexibility – The UNICO System small ducting fits in wall and ceilings - no need for soffits.  In basements, the plenum is no taller than the main support beam.  In many cases, The UNICO System eliminates room build-outs for fan coils and ducting.

Free Design Services – At Hawn, we work with The UNICO System's professionals to provide free design services for architects, engineers, builders, installers and homeowners.  All we ask is that you provide a heat gain/loss calculation and we'll provide a complete system design.

Unico Floor OutletsPlease give us a call to discuss your project. Our Expert set of Service Technicians have experience with UNICO products and installations for many years and would be happy to answer your questions.

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