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Humidity - Maximize Indoor Comfort


Humidifiers for Colder Months
Is Your Home too Dry?

Always itchy? Annoyed by static shocks? Constant sore throat?
Your home may be too dry.

Seasonal changes outside can have big effects inside. In upstate New York, winter weather can lead to ultra-dry conditions throughout your home causing a variety of related symptoms:

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De-humidifiers for Basements and Warmer Months
Protect Your Home and Health No Matter How Much it Rains!

Aprilaire dehumidifier technician with homeownerA Whole-House Dehumidifier that installs as part of your home’s central heating and cooling system is the key to a healthy home.  The dehumidifier measures the condition of your home’s air to decide when to run.  An integrated air cycling feature will activate the HVAC blower to cycle air throughout the house to balance conditions. The dehumidifier has an optional ventilation damper that can mix fresh outside air into the process.

A Whole-House Dehumidifier is the best solution to excess moisture in a summer like this!

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