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Choosing the Right Size

Choose a new Hot Water Heater before your old one fails!

Choosing the right water heater isn't as simple as "one size fits all". The size of the family, the size of the bathtub, and the size of the budget are just three factors to consider. A.O. Smith Water Products Company has taken all of these factors into account to offer a new selection of gas and electric residential water heaters that provides clear choices and makes it easy to make the right decision for any home.

For example, for the very best and most efficient water heater money can buy, they don't come better than Conservationist®. For big families or large homes with high hot water demand, ProMax® High Recovery delivers maximum hot water. If utility rebates can reduce cost, ProMax® High Efficiency is the right choice. Regardless of the model, you can be sure it's built on a solid foundation of quality and innovation that's made A.O. Smith the preferred brand of the professional plumbing contractor.

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Water Heater Sizing Guide

To select the right water heater for your home, you need to consider the size of your family and other factors that contribute to your First Hour Rating Requirement. The chart below provides Residential Electric or Gas Water Heater sizing guidelines for several family sizes.

To Choose the Right Water Heater for You...

1.Determine whether your family is Low Demand or High Demand. You should consider your family to be High Demand if...

  • There are more than two full baths in the home.
  • There are (or will be) teenagers living in the home. It's a fact: teenagers use more hot water for showering and washing clothes.
  • If you have an oversized whirlpool bath or other large tub. As a rule of thumb, the water heater tank capacity should be 100% of your bathtub capacity (example: 75-gallon tub / 75-gallon water heater).

2.Find your Family Size and Demand Profile in the chart below, and read across to find the First Hour Rating Requirement for your family. If you decide your family is High Demand, consider moving up to the next First Hour Rating level.

3.Consult the charts on respective water heater specifications for a residential water heater with a First Hour Rating that meets your requirement.

2 People 45 - 55 Gallons
3 People 55 - 65 Gallons
4 People 65 - 75 Gallons
5 People 75 - 85 Gallons
6 People 85 - 100 Gallons
7 or More People 100 or More Gallons
Remember, these are general recommendations...your A.O. Smith Water Heater Specialist can review your family's needs in even greater detail to make sure the model you choose will always provide enough hot water to meet the demand.
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